Friday, June 9, 2017

50 by 50!

My goal is to visit all of the 50 United States by the time I am 50-years-old. This means I have a little over 5 years left to tackle this bucket list item. I’ve traveled to Mexico, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Dominican Republic, Honduras, the Bahamas, Canada, Africa, and 28 of the states in America, including Hawaii. 

22 states to conquer as of June, 2017.

I call “The Sunshine City,” of St. Petersburg, Florida, (Tampa Bay area) home. For the past eight years I've lived in this vibrant city with my sweet family. This 44-year-old mom has worked in an office for schools, businesses, and newspapers, writing copy and creating graphic designs. I’ve written one book (and currently working on a second) that has been for sale on Amazon for over four years. I have my B.A. degree in Communications (print journalism)  from Wichita State University.  I grew up in Dunedin, Florida and have lived in the mid-west (Missouri and Kansas) and Florida all of my life. 

Traveling, adventure-seeking, writing and being a foodie (clean eating and dirty eating) are all literally in my DNA.  My great grandmother to the sixth power journaled and traveled the wild west in the 1800s. After exploring many foreign lands, I have learned how to plan many quality vacations and staycations for our family of four on the cheap.

I am an administrative assistant trapped in a travel writers body. I will be an empty nester in a year so I feel the need to begin my  part-time freelance travel writing career now. I aspire to be a travel writer. If you have any tips, advice or connections regarding the travel industry I'd love to hear from you.

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